Summers end

As summer comes to a close I have been contemplating my accomplishments, failings, and continuing goals. The ups and downs of the year thus far have really thrown me for a loop and made me question not only my ambitions, but my worth as an artist.
Can I make my desired reality real?
Am I delusional?

Screen shot from my live stream art auction

This summer I really gave it my all. I hosted my Livestream art auction in an attempt to raise money and leave my job. Raising just enough to put a little chunk into my savings, and cut back to part time hours this last month.

I pushed myself to near mental collapse and canceled a family trip to finish an art submission that wasn’t picked up. Something I was really hoping for and depending on to get me through the rest of the year.
I’ve been so busy with craft fair after craft fair, deadlines and shows (not to mention having my kiddos all summer) I pushed myself into an exhausted, burnt out depression and I’ve been struggling to snap myself out of it.

After a couple weeks of deep contemplation and rest, I finally made a much needed breakthrough in finding my artistic direction again.

I have decided that after December I will no longer be creating prints and merch from my #inktober2017 series.
If there’s a piece from that series you have been interested in I highly suggest you snag your print or stickers as soon as you can! I’ll be at The People’s Market through the rest of September, and will have them available at the Holiday Made Fair in December.

Famous Western Artist Charlie Russell

I am planning to paint more of my water color artist portraits and add them to my artist series over the course of this fall and winter! Artists I’m planning to add include:
Charlie Russell, Margaret Keane, Claude Monet, Marina Abramovic, and Norman Rockwell.
(I am open to suggestions for more inspiring women, non binary, and poc visual artists!)

I am also planning to continue creating my newest series of work inspired by my residency through Open A.I.R MT with The Montana Natural History Center through the fall and winter into next spring which I am very excited for.

Bull frog skeleton and sketch from my artist residency
“Montana Treasures”
This piece will be on display as a part of the Open A.I.R Group show happening this September at the Gallery of Visual Arts

In December I will be hosting a holiday livestream art auction bigger and better than my previous attempt from this summer!
All my eBay listings from the summer auction have been taken down so I will not be posting original work for sale again until I host the upcoming auction.

I’m will not be relisting my prints on etsy after the People’s Market ends, I’m not a fan of their new “Free Shipping” policy/requirement to be visible on their platform. It’s also more difficult selling a print here and there vs the dependable month to month income I get through my wonderful patrons.

I’m still rocking my awesome Patreon page and would absolutely love to gain more patrons over the coming months!!

I hit my first income goal of $100 a month, and would love to reach my next goal of $250 a month before hitting my year anniversary of launching. When we reach the $250 goal I will be sending everyone in the $5 tiers and higher a surprise new release sticker and 8×10 print!
Check out some of the goodies I’ve been mailing out to my patrons this year

You can check out my Patreon page and become a patron here:

Now that I am finding my direction again I’m feeling more at ease and less frantic. I’m finding my ambition again and I’m excited for the things I’m planning.
I hope you all will continue to watch my journey as an artist, and consider becoming a supporting patron.

All my love
Jessie Smith