What a wonderful night

Last night I had the pleasure of vending with the local artist collective known as Voncommon.

The evening started out slow and I figured because of the frigid cold it would stay that way.

I was feeling tired so I decided to rush over to Liquid Planet for a coffee before things possibly got busy. On my way to the coffee shop I stopped at Radius Gallery to see how my prints had been doing (a woman who stopped by my booth mentioned seeing them at the gallery before she had stopped at the art fair) One of the gallery owners informed me that one had sold online, and to help myself to refreshments if I had the time.

I didn’t have time for refreshments so I did a quick walkthrough and made sure to note where my piece “Marry Me” was located so I could tell people through the night as they stopped at my booth. It hadn’t sold yet.

I scurried to the coffee shop, got my white chocolate mocha, and rushed back to the art fair.

When I got back I thanked my friend Megan (who creates beautiful resin jewelry btw) for keeping an eye on my booth. We chatted about life and art and eventually I mentioned that the whole night might be slow because of how cold it was. As soon as I mentioned this we were hit with a wave of people.

While I was standing at my booth I decided to check Radius’ website in between potential customers to see where my prints were listed. As I looked through the site I ended up looking at the listing for my piece “Marry Me” that is currently a part of their holiday show when I saw this:

I was so ecstatic!!!! I wanted to scream to everyone in the room “YOU GUYS MY ART PIECE SOLD!!!” It never gets old, selling a piece. It’s one of the most fulfilling, and validating experiences as an artist. Someone liked my work so much they wanted to buy it! It fills your chest, and you feel like you could burst at the seams from excitement, and pride. Your life purpose further solidified. I texted my husband about it and he congratulated me enthusiastically.

In between the waves of people I would sneak into the small kitchen for snacks and visit with other artists who happened to also be in there or sit on the stage and chat with the artists set up by it. We would talk about life, and make jokes with each other. Megan had made a delicious cream cheese dip that made me want to pay her for another batch just for me (seriously Megan how much? So good). Someone else brought amazing cheesecake bites as well, it all was snack heaven/my dinner.

This is why I love doing fairs. I love getting to talk to other artists, telling and hearing stories, being silly, making jokes, talking about our lives, eating each other’s food, admiring each other’s work and wardrobes. It’s such a great community and I’m incredibly thankful to be a part of it💕

At one point in the evening I noticed a young man who was friends with the artist set up next to me, was wearing the same exact color pallet as I was, head to toe! I approached him while he and his friend were chatting.

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to intrude but I noticed we’re wearing the same exact colors.”

The boys stood back for a moment comparing the two of us and we were all laughing and joking about how mind blowing it was. I ended up asking for a photo with him, because how often do situations like this happen in one’s life?

While all this was happening my wonderful, amazing, loving, and supportive husband was out with our children handing out cards to promote the Holiday Made Fair this Sunday. A job I had originally been tasked with. I accidentally double booked myself after someone asked me if I would be interested in vending for this fair…

He braved the cold with our two tweens, and did everything he could to make sure the cards got passed out. He did it to make sure I was able to vend. He helped me carry my things up the stairs from our storage into the car and up the stairs to the ballroom where I would set up. He would then help me load it back in the car and will probably help me put it all back downstairs in storage after the Made Fair on Sunday. I am so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing husband who not only supports me, but believes in me. He is my best friend, he is my partner in crime, he is my rock, he is my everything. He is the love of my life.

After we got home and got the kids to bed we sat in our living room watching Parks and Rec in our pajamas while talking about the adventures we had apart from each other. Korey tried on the VonCommon shirt he had wanted and that I was more than happy to buy for him with the money I made through the evening.

Thank you Korey, for being such an amazing husband💕

Thank you VonCommon for having me!

Thank you to all the artists that set up yesterday and for being your awesome selves!!

And thank you to everyone who braved the cold last night to check out all the amazing art💖💕

– Jessie Smith

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