I Voted Today

I voted today.

If you’re like me you’ve probably found that current political events have been incredibly disheartening.
I have found myself carrying feelings of utter hopelessness not just for my future, but the future of my children.

What can I do to change the things happening?

I’m just me.

A single speck in an ocean of citizens.

This envelope is all I have.

To make sure my voice is heard.

To ensure my children will have a chance to start their own futures instead of dealing with the impacts of man made climate change. Or have their future life choices impacted by religious beliefs I don’t subscribe to. Or come face to face with the barrel of high powered weapon, that no average citizen should have the access to, while they’re at school, their place of worship, a video game tournament, a movie theater, a baseball game, a concert, a nightclub, etc. To ensure my children won’t die early deaths due to medical debt, or lack of health insurance coverage. To ensure my children can lead productive fulfilling lives as their truest selves without fear of discrimination.

This envelope is the only hope I have to create a better future.

If you don’t vote you have no right to complain about who our judges are, what laws are put in place, or who represents our state.

Midterm elections are especially important. These are the people and initiatives that control the local aspects of our state. Like law enforcement, judges, budgets, open spaces, tax increases, and increases in revenue.
You can literally Google every single one of these people and initiatives to understand what they stand for, and their possible impacts on your livelihood.

Now in my opinion, and granted I understand everyone is free to their opinions and beliefs. That each and every one of us is entitled to vote for whoever we deem worthy of controlling our country and state. That’s what makes this such a great country to live in. But if you place your vote with concern only for unborn fetuses, diminishing the rights of the LGBTQ community, who the NRA approves of, or who the president tells you to vote for, you are doing a huge disservice to our state, our country, and the human race as a whole.

We stand on the precipice of environmental and societal collapse. Vote for candidates that believe in and fund science. Vote for candidates that believe that climate change is real and want to do everything they can to combat it. Vote for candidates that believe in implementing common sense gun laws. Vote for candidates that support and plan to implement clean energy. Vote for candidates who believe healthcare is a basic human right. Vote for candidates who understand and accept this country is built from all kinds of people, who all deserve equal rights.

I voted today. Make damn sure you do too.

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