Radius Gallery Holiday Show 2018

It’s Official!
My newest piece “Marry Me” will be a part of the Radius Gallery Holiday Show!! The show runs from Nov 2nd 2018 to Dec 24th 2018 (My Birthday!)
The opening reception will be November 2nd from 5 to 8 pm

I’m very excited to finally have a piece in this gallery! I had planned to apply for the annual show multiple years prior to this. This was the year I finally got up the gumption (and made it a top priority!) to submit a piece to their art call. I’m so thrilled my piece was accepted! Here’s to hoping there will be more to come from this opportunity.


The deeper meaning behind “Marry Me”

“I created this piece with the thought of a lone bird pining. Calling out in the hopes of attracting someone to love eternally. The faberge egg floating within a flowery celestial wreath above his head represents his desire to build a home(nest) and create a family(egg) with someone wonderful enough to join in his song.”
– Jessie Smith

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