“Marry Me”

I’m still working on the layout of my new site so if you are checking it out, all I ask of you is to please be patient with me. (I am too busy for my own good most of the time!)


I wanted to share this piece I started to sketch out last week. One I’ve temporarily titled “Marry Me”. I’ve completed 2 illustration pieces similar to this one that also feature bird skeletons.

“Precious Cargo” and “Thief!!” (Both have been sold)



I’m hoping to enter this new piece into the Radius Gallery Holiday show!(maybe a couple more similar pieces if I have the time to get them all finished!)
I still need to add the tailbone (I ran out of room😅) as well as a few other elements before this sketch is ready for completion.
I’m Really excited for what I’m planning to do with this piece!!!🤩

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